D is for Determined

I have a dream about what my life will be like in a few years.  I have a plan, but I don’t like to put concrete terms on it, because I know it won’t be exactly how I plan.  In a year and a half I will graduate from college.  For four years I will begin my career as a High School English teacher–hopefully at at my alma mater, but any high school that fits well with me, will nice.  During this time, I find someone who will eventual become my fiance and then my husband.  At the end of the first four years of teaching, my contract with the state of North Carolina will be over and I will have paid off half of my college dues.  At this point, (2015) my fiance and I will be ready to get married and we will have the ceremony in October or November of that year, outside.  I’ll be 26 at this point and well on my way to being a tenured teacher at the high school.  My (now) husband will be working full time, doing what he loves to do (whatever that may be) and we will be set up in a comfortable house with room for our family to grow.  We’ll live in community about thirty minutes away from where I work so that I can limit the amount of outside-school run-ins I have with students and parents.  A few months after we marry, because we will have already been at least semi-stable for a while, we’ll start a family and begin our journey to at least two biological children and two adopted children (hopefully two of each gender, but any combination would be great).  We’ll settle into our second house and final home when I’m around thirty and live happily with our four children (who have awesomely unique names that aren’t hard to pronounce or spell).

It’s a happy little dream, isn’t it?  I would love for this to happen and am going to do all I can to make it happen.  I’m apprehensive about the boyfriend/fiance/husband bit, but it will happen when it happens and I look forward to it all happening.

And if it doesn’t go exactly how I want, I do have an alternate plan–for children, anyway.  I keep in touch with my doctor and keep an eye on my fertility and around 35–if I’m not married–I go it alone and start on having the family I want.


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